• Alan Obrador

12 Nationals and Regionals Teams Fundamentals

It's not only that we love what we do in 305vbc, also our kids learn and enjoy how to play the game the right way.

See it for yourself 12 Nationals win Tribe Tournament Undefeated. This is the 3rd consecutive tournament that they win 1st place, playing by the method of Gold Medal Square. Our coach Alan focuses on teaching the right way, this method is proved in the high levels.

Our 12 Regionals win in Soflo Tournament.

What else would you expect? Go 305 Volleyball Club! Congratulations in this Saturday's Tournament on winning 1st place. Gold Medal Square system works and this is our price. Our main goal is to develop athletes and teach them the right way to play.

Awards come and go but our focus is playing the Right Way.

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