• Alan Obrador

Sublime on Cloverleaf tournament

This weekend 305volleyball Club performed great at the Cloverleaf Tournament.

Our 12 National finished second in the Gold bracket beaten by OT team in 3 sets and in the last set they fought until the end 15-12. Great tournament for them!

For our 14 Open they finished strong in Open Winning 1st place in the Gold Bracket also fighting to the max in 3 sets and finished 15-12 winning the bid with also the OT team. Our 14 National blue competed in Club were in the gold bracket, they competed until the quarter finals and finished with a record of 2-2.

Our 16 State with great heart in the competition, they finished winning in Bronze Bracket 1st place. What a great performance for this team and what a heart attack it was for the parents with a final with max points of 26-24 , 24-26 and getting to the third set and fortunately winning 15-10 the match.

Our 17 team played great the first day and finished first in there pool but on Sunday they lost in the quarter finals. Finally, our 18 National team represented last week in Jacksonville were they finished 1st in the Silver Bracket and today they finish in 2nd place in the Gold Bracket they keep getting to the top and playing as a team.

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